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I Wonder

September 14, 2006

I wonder if you feel like I do,

Do we really need to wonder,

Why do we all wonder.

Is it a wonder if we wonder why,

Some day we will know.

I wonder if they think it’s ok to put people down,

Why and sit and ponder about the wonder.

No one really cares,

If we continue down this road will the wonder disappear,

I wonder if smoke rings continue up to heaven,

I wonder if she knows why,

I will continue to wonder if she really cares.

I wonder.

copy written 2004       by bluejeans51


A Cougar

September 14, 2006

He came into my life one day while I sat on a rock.

He looked at me from across the river and just stood there.

He was a beautiful cougar.

He loved drinking from the river and fishing.

He looked into my eyes and watched me.

He saw kindness and love of nature within me.

He went about fishing with his paws in the water.

I went about fishing from across the river.

I smiled at that cougar and tossed him a fish.

copy written 2002   by Bluejeans51

Hello World

September 13, 2006

Hello World welcome to Blue’s Place. As I get started with my poetry on this site I will ask you not to take my poetry. As most of it is copyrighted and protected. If you have any comments please feel free to express it to me. Be constructive with your comments.